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Why Everyone Needs to Pay Attention to this DeFi startup’s Launch Strategy

A new type of launch: DeFi startup to innovate the way we launch tokens

March 14, 2022

ZUG, August 2, 2022 /Global newswire/ – Crypto projects that want to launch a token can take many different approaches. You can for example choose to do a pre-sale, in which the token is sold to interested parties ahead of the initial coin offering. Another approach that is gaining more and more popularity is the ‘Fair Launch’. In case of a fair launch no one is able to buy tokens until the day of the launch. This ensures that no one has an unfair advantage at the time of launch.

How is innovating the way token launches can be done

There are many ways to launch a token, but most of these approaches are not perfect. While pre-sales give the chance to dump on early buyers, fair launches are often subject to bot buying. Because of these unfair advantages, people in the industry have been looking for better ways to launch projects.

We have been exploring a lot of different ways to launch our GHNY token. After strategizing and considering all possible options we created the fairest possible strategy to bring our project on the market. Our launch strategy will give the best possible price to our community with minimal downside risk. – Andres Soltermann, Co-founder

Swiss start-up is trying to revolutionise the way we conduct token launches by creating a fair environment for everyone. They will launch a token for their own liquidity mining aggregator, which will be done through a concept they call a “Community Launch”. According to the team, this is the fairest approach they could’ve taken for their community members.

What is a “Community Launch”?

The Community Launch is a mixture of a Fair Launch and a Pre-Sale, combining the best features of both approaches and eliminating the risks. With a Community Launch, all interested parties have the opportunity to buy into the Community Launch Pool. This pool will be open for 72 hours to accept deposits from everyone that’s interested in the token.

All the deposits collected in the Community Launch Pool will be used to buy tokens at the moment of launch. These tokens will then be distributed amongst all participants of the community launch. All of this will be done through a separate smart contract that has direct access to the liquidity pool. Like the main Smart Contract, this separate contract has been audited by and two other Audit firms and confirmed as secure.

By using this mechanism we will prevent Sniper Bots from buying up the token before our community and dumping on them. This strategy will give our supporters the best possible price and takes away the stress of having to buy right at launch. – Leon Helg, Co-founder

To ensure a healthy launch, the tokens purchased by the Community Launch Smart Contract will be distributed over a period of a month. In addition, has announced that a major marketing offensive will be launched in the first few months. With this approach they hope to stabilise and positively influence the token price while laying a foundation for further growth.

Due to the way decentralised exchanges work, the team has encountered some challenges with this strategy. The average price that the investors receive through the “Community Launch” is far below the price the token will be after the Community Launch Pool has bought. Meaning every investor that buys at launch will make a hefty profit from this strategy.

In itself this is not a problem, but it does allow for investors at launch to influence the price of the token. To ensure longevity of the project, a variable part of the funds paid is used to reduce price volatility by increasing the depth of the liquidity pool. With this concept, the listing price is 300% higher than the average price that the Community Launch investor receives through the community launch, while the security of the project is not at risk.

Name of press contact: Elias Felchlin
Phone: +41763748703

Boilerplate:, a Swiss FinTech company, is looking to disrupt the DeFi industry with their Yield Farming platform. They aim to be the Hub of Yield Farming. An Aggregator where Yield Farming is made easier, safer and more profitable than ever before. With a strong focus on UX and usability, they hope to bring DeFi to a mass audience. Not only does disrupt the DeFi space with innovative features but also puts its claws into the traditional finance market by offering fiat investment gateways.

Fact Sheet:

  • ● 25+ Full-time employees
  • ● Inhouse tech specialists with great experience
  • ● Made for the average crypto investor
  • ● Member Swiss Crypto Valley Association
  • ● Member of Crypto Valley Labs
  • ● In close cooperation with
  • ● 6 Young Swiss Founders
  • ● Community 40K+
  • ● Swiss DeFi company
  • ● Audited 3 times (Including
  • ● Internal security specialists in the team
  • ● Launching 8th of August 2022
  • ● Building 2nd platform for institutional investors