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blog-hero is the Hub of Liquidity Mining. It lists the best pools of the best websites at one uncluttered place. Users don’t invest in, they invest through – in the most straightforward way possible.

Besides making Liquidity Mining more accessible to the DeFi space, puts its claws into the traditional finance space as well. Through fiat investment gateways they open up the technology to institutional investors as well.

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The Grizzly Honey Token (GHNY)

The Grizzly Honey (short GHNY) is a utility and governance Token and directly connected to the success of our Liquidity Mining platform. GHNY becomes more valuable with every new Grizzly using the platform. Grizzly Honey stakers receive their rewards in BNB and participate directly from Institutional Investor fees.


Constant Buy-Side Pressure

Some of the profits generated on are used to buy-back the GHNY token, thus creating a constant buy-side-pressure which benefits all GHNY token holders.


Dynamic Honey Creation

Tokens only get minted when profits are generated on the platform.’s Community can vote on the Emission Level (Bee Efficiency Level)


Stake GHNY
Receive BNB

The Honeypot is the place where smart Grizzly’s can stake their GHNY to earn even more GHNY and BNB. Staked honeys can also be used to vote on important changes.


Earn from Institutional
Investors creates a gateway to Traditional Finance and the performance fee charged from Institutional Investors is being burnt to benefit all token holders. by numbers

We are highly focused on growth and our marketing team is doing a great job achieving this. Check out what we have achieved so far.


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Our Partners

In order to build a strong foundation and make the Grizzly’s vision turn into reality, we are glad to have strong partners on board to help us achieving this.


Since we are specialised on building gates and bridges to all kind of different DeFi projects, can expand very quickly to new innovative solutions to make DeFi accessible for everyone. This gives us a competitive advantage and allows to grow with the entire DeFi market.

Phase 1

Launch Phase

4th – 7th of August: Community Fairlaunch

8th of August: Launch of the Platform

Getting listed on CoinMarketCap and DappRadar

Start with the grand Marketing campaign

Start the onboarding with central exchanges


Phase 2

Distribution Phase

Introduce the Grizzly Loyalty Levels

Launch on Ethereum aggregating Convex

Implement Single Asset Hives

Drastically reduce Minting of new Tokens


Phase 3

Construction Phase

Airdrop Moneta Tokens to GHNY Holder

Launch Moneta, a Lending & Borrowing Platform with the overcollateralized Stablecoin DCHF

Allow Bridging GHNY between BNB and ETH Chain.


Phase 4

Disruption Phase

Combine Grizzly with Moneta by accepting Yield Generating Assets as Collateral

Rollout of Leveraged Yield Farming

Launch the Mellarius Liquidity Mining ETP for institutional Investors

Implement Fiat On- & Off Ramp


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Contact Information

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Let’s make history together and spread the word of GrizzlyFi. We strongly believe in a decentralized world where people can make a steady low risk income over their crypto’s. It is our mission to support and make it accessible to everyone.

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